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Imaging USA 2010

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

The testimonials posted here are from some of the notes people sent to me after my program at the national PPA Convention (Professional Photographers of America).

I have always loved teaching what inspires me and what I have learned from others especially when it comes to art and photography.

Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback. It is good to know that photographers are still hungry to learn about art, the old masters and honoring the past.



Hi JulieAnne!

Just wanted to thank you personally for your amazing presentation. You really are a true artist and one of a kind! Thanks for sharing the works of the masters that have inspired you. It really helped me think about my early introduction to art I’d forgotten all about. I’m from Venezuela and learning about the Masters of Art was a huge part of our education. I want to dive right back into it! Also my dad is an art and classical music lover so as kids we spent lot’s of time visiting museums, phylarmonics, etc and maybe we didn’t appreciate that as much then but what precious memories those days are to me. I say this a little teary eyed, thank you for helping me remember that and inspiring me to make my connection with Art all over again!


Gaby Walker




Aly Darin January 14

Hi, JuliAnne!

I attended your class at ImagingUSA and I wanted to write to tell you how refreshing and amazing it was for me! :) I have a fine art background and began my photography experience shooting film and working with alternative processes throughout my college career. Since moving to digital, I find myself feeling differently about it every day. :) Some days I struggle to find my footing and to solidify my niche – (especially when faced with the millions of options encountered when you pull the images into Photoshop) – and other days I’m perfectly content and happy!

Attending your class – and watching the slideshow of The Masters was JUST what I needed! It really reinforced why I do what I do, why I love photography, and what I bring to my artwork by just being myself. The beauty of art is that everyone creates something unique and individual unto themselves.

Your work is beautiful & I wish the class would’ve been four times longer than it was! Thank you for bringing your message and art to ImagingUSA – you truly helped me!

I wish you all the best!




Amy Parrish, January 15 at 3:29PM

Hello!  I just wanted to say “thank you” so much for being a part of the Imaging Conference.  It was the most inspirational presentation from the entire event!

Thanks again for the amazing presentation!




Patty Jackson Axford January 20 at 5:46 pm

Hi JuliAnne – I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful class at Imaging USA.  I was so impressed with your work, and have comeback completely inspired.





Just wanted to let you know , your program was about my favorite at Imaging this year.  Your work is far superior to most of the other presenters at this at this year’s convention.  Loved your passion for the great portrait painters.

Hope to see you again sometime & talk to you in person.

Joe Galioto



Judy Manesh

The inspiration of the old painting masters is evident in your work. I’m inspired by your photography you are the new master and much can be learned from your style. Thanks for teaching and sharing your passion.




I sure hope our paths cross again in the near future. I would love to get to know you better. I wanted you to know that when I came home, I made a resolution to pursue art more. It’s something that has been digging inside me. I keep doing so many things, and do not concentrate on one thing (my hubby pointed out) and he said I needed to go where my passion lies… and I am continually drawn to painter, trying to learn it, and to art trying to understand it, and want to upgrading my imagery. So I came home and joined our local Art Museum association, and am going to start taking art classes.  (You INSPIRE!!!)


JuliAnne, I want you to know that your program was the one I enjoyed the most. Your work and your presence is beautiful. I’ve told so many people about you, people keep asking me what was the one thing I loved best about IMAGING USA, and you were it.

Kindest Regards

Rose Mary Cheek



I had spoken to a colleague during the Ole party & she mentioned that your presentation was her favorite.  I literally skipped the following class because I was in such a magical place that I couldn’t even imagine trying to transition back into reality! : )