Baby Raccoon Rescue

We were preparing for a photo session with my niece and her little boy, my great-nephew, on the studio grounds when I saw something meandering out of the mud at the edge of our pond. As it got closer I realized it was a baby raccoon! I froze as it came by and nuzzled at my ankles, not knowing what it would do when it realized I was wasn’t its mother.  My daughter Allissa, who loves all animals and everything outdoors, decided we should give him a bath to remove the mud and get the flies that were buzzing around its face away. An hour later he was cleaned off and in a baby basket with a blanket.

We finished with our session, playing with our new prop intermittently, and at sessions end we left it outside to see if its mom would return, but after awhile, with no sign of mom, we brought it to the animal rescue center. They told us our little raccoon was probably very sick which is why it was so gentle and friendly. There were many others the same age at the shelter who were very aggressive, so we were thankful our little guy was slightly more sedate. The amazing thing about this whole experience for me was to see my little great nephew who didn’t “know any better” not to be afraid of this raccoon, and the baby raccoon who didn’t “know any better” not to be afraid of Owen; It was a freak of nature that rarely happens in life but was a joy to watch.

We had a prop that probably won’t be available again for any session, but we sure got some fun images! Here are some captured from the day!


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